Resolution removes references to Snowbird, American Fork Canyon

The controversial American Fork Canyon issue was revisited again at Tuesday’s Utah generic ativan reviews County Commission meeting.

A resolution was brought forward at last week’s commission meeting by Commissioner Bill Lee, but was delayed so that the wording could be revised.

The revised resolution passed with a 2-1 vote, with Lee and Commissioner Larry Ellertson voting in favor of the resolution, and Commissioner Greg Graves voting against.

Both versions of the resolution discuss the board’s recognition of the importance of access to public roads and easements, protecting the watershed and respecting private property rights.

Ellertson said he did not feel comfortable passing the original resolution, which specifically named American Fork Canyon and Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.

Snowbird’s proposal to build more ski lifts on property in American Fork Canyon has sparked debate on whether the public will still have access to some roads and trails, and whether changed activity on the property could pollute the water supply with old mine waste.

Ellertson said he did not want to interfere with a decision that ultimately belongs to the Utah County Board of Adjustments.

Ellertson collaborated with Lee to come up with the much-shorter resolution removing all mentions of American Fork Canyon and Snowbird, while keeping the basic ideas about public access, private property rights and watershed.

Lee was not particularly happy with the second resolution, calling it “watered down” and making a motion to pass the original resolution with the Snowbird language. That motion died without a second.

Graves then made a motion to strike the resolution from the agenda entirely, saying he did not support the resolution in any form.

“I guess my question is, why do we have a Planning Commission?” Graves asked. “Why do we have a Board of Adjustments if we are going to interfere with the process?”

Graves’ motion also died without a second.

A third, successful, motion was then made to pass the revised resolution, without any mention of Snowbird or American Fork Canyon.

The Board of Adjustments will consider Snowbird’s proposal to build additional ski lifts on its property in American Fork Canyon at a public meeting Thursday night.

Source: Herald Extra