August 2015

One of the main reasons four wheelers have a problem with keeping roads open is four wheelers.  Let’s take a look at some of the ways this happens.

  1. Apathy – lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
    I have a place I always go and it is always open so why should I worry.  I do not have time to get involved because I spend all my time going on runs, fixing the Jeep etc., working with church, family, scouts etc.  I forgot or I was too busy are good ones too.  With me it is I am getting too old but still manage to do some things.  Health is another one used a lot but in the end it all depends on how we set our priorities or are we so happy with what we do have that Apathy sets in?  Ask not what U4 can do for you but what you can do for U4, yourself and your County or State.  Thank you President Kennedy.
  2. Omission – a failure to do something, especially something that one has a moral or legal obligation to do. There have been too many instances in my past history with four wheeling that people have accepted a job or responsibility that they were pressured into either imagined or real and were not able to do the job.  Instead of asking for and accepting help and direction they would do nothing.  This hurts them and those that depend on them to the point of much buy ativan tablets acrimony when all that has to be done is to communicate.  Ask for help and accept it or just say I cannot do it at this time.  The US Navy had a saying, “Do something even if it is wrong”.  In other words make a known decision.
  3. Commission –  a mistake that consists of doing something wrong, such as including a wrong amount, or including an amount in the wrong place:  With four wheeling it is doing something illegal and thinking it is your right.  Just because the government does something stupid and closes a road do not make things worse by driving on that road.  It will definitely take a long time to re-open roads and sometimes it will not happen but things are only made worse by traveling on closed roads.  That is the reason U4 is in this battle for the long haul and we need your support just as other clubs and associations need your support.  Just do what you can.
    Another way of saying all of this is to do what you can but do not volunteer unless you are committed to do your best and are not afraid to ask for help.   You might want to look up the following just in case I am not getting my point across.
  4. Et cetera – To go on and on, things like this.
    Do not forget to vote but first find out where those vying for office stand on your Life Style and Public Lands.